VFuels is an Industry Leader in Modular Process Equipment


Our process

VFuels' expertise lies in the modularization of oil and gas process equipment. VFuels team has a track record of years of experience in developing, designing, engineering, fabricating, and delivering modular refinery and gas projects globally. 

The goal of modularization in the oil and gas market is to reduce capital costs, accelerate delivery schedules, and to efficiently minimize field construction, thereby ensuring every project is on schedule, budget, and scope. 

VFuels designs, engineers, and fabricates all of its process modules in-house, with an experienced design, engineering, and construction team. VFuels can deliver modular process equipment in as little as ten months from the execution of a project. 

Houston Fabrication Facility

VFuels and sister company VGas share a 45,000 square foot modular fabriaction facility in Northwest Houston, Texas, USA. The facility is an ASME Code U & R Stamp facility (with 100 Ton Crane Capacity) and also specializes in the Design and Fabrication of High/Low Pressure Vessels. VFuels strategic location in Houston is within a short distance of experienced labor and the entire supply chain of equipment suppliers and vendors for its process equipment needs. All fabricated units ship from the facility by truck and are transported internationally via the Port of Houston. 


A modular refinery is a simplified refinery requiring significantly less capital investment than traditional full-scale refinery facilities.  The initial process, or Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) allows for simple distillation of crude oil into low octane naphtha, diesel, kerosene and residual fuel oil.

Gasoline, Aviation Fuel, an Low or Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel require secondary processing such as hydrotreating and reforming that reduce sulfur content and provide high-octane gasoline. VFuels partners with industry leaders such as UOP / Honeywell, Haldor Topsoe, Axens North America, and others to produce these licensed processes in a modular package. 

Modular Refineries have two main components, the inside battery limits (ISBL - process equipment) and the outside battery limits (OSBL).  The ISBL includes the CDU and other process equipment designed and fabricated by VFuels in Houston, Texas. 

OSBL features include site work, roads, fencing, foundations, buildings, storage tanks, truck loading, piping, electrical, fire protection, compressed air, nitrogen, wastewater treatment and oily water treatment.  Construction timelines for a modular refinery can range from 15 to 18 months from the start of a project to the first barrel of oil processed. VFuels can deliver a turnkey modular refinery or gas processing project with its Joint Venture partners or the EPC firm of a client's choice. 


Modular CDU

A typical 10,000 bpd CDU designed by VFuels pictured at right.


VFuels can assist with the development, design, engineering, and fabrication of any modular gas project. Projects involving stranded gas, associated gas, flare gas, and pipeline gas can be modularized and delivered by VFuels. VFuels can assist with Modular Skid Packaging, Pressure vessels and Gas turbine Exhaust Systems. VFuels has considerable experience in packaging Amine Plants, Dehydration Plants, Refrigeration Plants, Stabilizer Units, Cryogenic Skid, Pump Skids, Chemical Injection Skids, and Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids.


VFuels Houston and Lagos business development offices are uniquely positioned to serve their respective markets. VFuels can get involved in the planning stages of a refinery or gas plant project to assist each client with its own unique requirements. VFuels can provide Pre-FEED engineering, Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) of both ISBL and OSBL refinery sections, Detailed Design & Engineering (DD&E), as well as licensing suppport, regulatory & legal review support, and fundraising support. 

VFuels’ engineering team has decades of experience in the implementation of successful modular refinery projects. This experience, coupled with its relationships with international, local, and indigenous EPC, fuel marketing, and governmental entities enable VFuels to deliver specific and highly beneficial definition and bankable feasibility studies for each client. These comprehensive studies help enable clients to obtain financing from local banks, private equity funds, or large export / import banks such as US EX/IM Bank.

Project Finance

VFuels is a US company and is therefore eligible to assist its clients in obtaining financing and bank guarantees from the US Export-Import Bank (EX/IM). Qualified buyers can be financed for up to seven years on 85% of the US content of their projects and 30% of the local content at very attractive rates.

Cash down payments of 15% are required for EX/IM support, after which 100% of the project is guaranteed through EX/IM.

VFuels has been instrumental in the development of our Pecos County refinery project and has continuously overachieved at each milestone.
— Jack Hanks, MMEX Resources Corp.

What We've Achieved

  • 100% Licensing Track record with regulatory bodies (Nigeria DPR, Liberia DCI, Texas Department of Environmental Quality)
  • United States Trade and Development Association (USTDA) approval for DD&E for Nigerian Eko Petrochem Project
  • 10,000 bpd Pecos County Refinery CDU project
  • 5,000 bpd Nigeria CDU project
  • 18 FEED & DD&E packages designed & delivered since 2013 
  • 5,000 bpd US renewable diesel project
  • US Export / Import Bank Qualified